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Table 2 Summary of antibodies used in this paper

From: Rapid and robust derivation of mesenchymal stem cells from human pluripotent stem cells via temporal induction of neuralized ectoderm

Antibody Species Vendor Cat.NO WB dilution IF dilution
HP1 alpha Rb Abcam ab109028 1/3000 1/250
H3K9me3 Rb Abcam ab176916 N/A 1/200
H3K27me3 Rb Abcam ab6002 N/A 1/200
SOX10 Rb Abcam ab155279 1/1500 1/100
Nestin Rb Beyotime AF2215 N/A 1/50
LMNB2 Rb Beyotime AF0219 1/1000–1/5000 1/200
Lamin B1 Rb Beyotime AF1408 1/1500 N/A
Lamin B1 Rb Proteintech 12987-1-AP 1/2000 1/50
Lamin A/C Rb Proteintech 10298-1-AP 1/1000 1/100
Nanog Ms Santa Cruz sc-374001 N/A 1/50
Oct-3/4 Ms Santa Cruz sc-5279 N/A 1/50
SSEA-4 Ms Santa Cruz sc-21704 N/A 1/50
TRA-1–60 Ms Santa Cruz sc-21705 N/A 1/50
Progerin Ms Sigma SAB4200272 1/3000 1/200
γH2A.X Ms Millipore 05-636 N/A 1/100
53BP1 Rb Santa Cruz sc-22760 N/A 1/50