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Table 3 Drugs inhibiting UPRmt-mediated chaperones and proteases pathway in carcinoma cells

From: Mitochondrial dysfunction, UPRmt signaling, and targeted therapy in metastasis tumor

Drug Carcinoma type Inhibition pathway References
Geldanamycin Metastatic cells, breast, lung carcinoma Inhibition of CHOP/HIF1-α [135]
Gamitrinib Oral, breast, hepatocellular Inhibiting sirt3/7-tnf receptor-associated protein-1 (trap-1) [136, 137]
LCS-1 Lung carcinoma cell, neck, head carcinoma Inhibition of chop [138, 139]
The cupric derivatives with diethyl diethyldithiocarbamate and ATN-224 tetrathiomolybdate Lung carcinoma cell Inhibited the sirt7/sod1 pathway [140, 141]
Bortezomib/PS341 Myeloma, laryngeal cancer, and lymphoma Inhibition of sirt7/26 s proteasome [143]
Disulfiram Oral and pharyngeal tumor cells CHOP [145]
Celecoxib Oral, head, neck, colorectal carcinoma CHOP/BNIP3 [146]
Dasatinib Myelogenous leukemia, lymphoblastic leukemia, head and neck carcinoma Inhibition of CHOP and AMPK pathway [147, 148]