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Table 2 Experimental studies on the concentration and role of Gal-3 in AD

From: Galectin-3: a key player in microglia-mediated neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease

Animal models Main findings Authors
5xFAD mice and Gal-3 knockout mice Gal-3 acted as an endogenous TREM2 ligand to modulate the proinflammatory response in AD Boza-Serrano et al. [12]
25-35-induced Wistar rats Neuroinflammation induced by the Aβ25-35 increased the expression of Gal-3 in astrocytes and microglia and damaged spatial memory Ramírez et al. [92]
Gal-3 knockout mice and APP/PS1 mice Overexpression of Gal-3 enhanced Aβ oligomerization through direct interactions with Aβ and inhibition of the degradation of Aβ Tao et al. [90]
  1. Aβ, amyloid-β; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; Gal-3, galectin-3; TREM2, triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2