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Table 1 Nervous system disorders in which the CPEB proteins may be used as targets for gene therapy

From: The role of CPEB family proteins in the nervous system function in the norm and pathology

Disease CPEB protein CPEB expression in disease Participation of CPEB in the pathogenesis or correction of the disease References
Autism spectrum disorder CPEB4 Decreased level of the protein, but not of the mRNA Mis-splicing of CPEB4 mRNA leads to deregulated expression of CPEB4 target genes involved in ASD [63]
Gliomas CPEB1 Decreased expression Increased CPEB1 expression reduces proliferation and self-renewal of tumor cells [64, 65]
CPEB4 Increased expression Decreased CPEB4 expression leads to reduction in tumor size, cell proliferation rate, microvessel density, and tumor cell invasion and migration [66,67,68]
Fragile X syndrome CPEB1 Expression is normal Deletion of the CPEB1 gene in mice suppresses pathological processes associated with the syndrome [73, 74]
Huntington's disease CPEB1–4 Decreased level of the protein in the cytoplasm Increased expression of CPEB proteins reduces the pathogenicity of protein aggregates in Drosophila [80]