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Table 1 CRLs in regulation of mitochondrial functions

From: Neddylation regulation of mitochondrial structure and functions

Category Substrate receptors Substrates Regulatory functions/biological consequences References
CRL1 Mdm30 (Yeast) Fzo1 Inhibits Mitochondrial fusion [46, 47]
Mdm34 Inhibits Mitochondrial fusion [48]
Mfb1 (Yeast) NR Inhibits Mitochondrial fusion [49]
β-TrCP1 MFN1 Inhibits Mitochondrial fusion [35]
FBXW7 MIFT Inhibits mitochondrial gene transcription and oxidative metabolism [50]
SKP2 IDH1 Inhibits tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle [51]
FBXL4 NR Inhibits mitochondrial morphology, mtDNA integrity, and OXPHOS [52,53,54, 56]
FBXL7 Survivin Inhibits mitochondrial morphology and membrane potential [55]
FBXO7 NR Inhibits mitophagy [59]
Decreases mitochondrial membrane potential, ATP production, and oxygen consumption, increases cytosolic ROS production [58]
FBXO11 NR Inhibits mitochondrial swelling [57]
FBXO15 CLS1 Inhibits mitochondrial function [60]
FBXO25 HAX-1 Induces apoptosis [61]
CRL2 pVHL HIF1α Increases the rate of oxygen consumption [64]
CRL3 Keap1 Nrf2 Promotes cellular oxidative stress and controls mitochondrial retrograde trafficking [66, 67]
SPOP INF2 Inhibits mitochondrial fission [68]
CRL4A CRBN NR Acts specifically as a Lon-type protease in mitochondria [70]
BNIP3L Inhibits mitophagy [71]
DCAF6 NR Maintain sarcomere structure and mitochondrial/ contractile function in cardiomyocytes [72]
CRL4B AhR NR Promotes mitochondrial biogenesis against oxidative damage [74]
Suppresses mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis induced by cigarette smoke [75]
CRL5 NR TRAF6 Binds with SARM1 and recruited to PINK1 complexes on depolarized mitochondria and facilitates Parkin-induced mitophagy [79]
NR DEPTOR Suppresses mitochondrial respiration, mtDNA copy number, and citrate synthase activity [82]
  1. NR not reported