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Table 1 Human disorders linked to centrosome-phagy

From: Centrosome-phagy: implications for human diseases

Centrosome-phagy-associated human disorders Relevant proteins
Ciliopathies Polycystic kidney disease, retinitis pigmentosa, Joubert syndrome OFD1 [98,99,100]
  Polycystic kidney disease, Bardet–Biedl syndrome, Joubert syndrome, Meckel syndrome PCM1 [69,70,71, 101]
Ageing Huntington disease PCM1 [102]
Cancer Thyroid, renal, breast, ovarian and colon cancer Cep55 [57, 95, 103,104,105]
  Neuroblastoma Cep63 [97]
  Breast cancer Cep131 [49]