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Table 1 Effect of the related miRNAs on DNA methylation

From: Overview of host miRNA properties and their association with epigenetics, long non-coding RNAs, and Xeno-infectious factors

miRNA miRNA expression Outcome Disease Refs.
miR-29 family Down-expressed Decrease targeting DNMT1, 3A, 3B and TET1 Multiple myeloma, lung cancer, Burkitt lymphoma, breast cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma [7981, 95, 97,98,99,100, 102]
miR-339 and miR-766 Down-expressed Decrease targeting DNMT3B gene Colorectal cancer [11, 108, 107, 113,114,115, 122, 124, 183]
miR-221 Over-expressed Increase directly targeting DNMT3b 3′UTR region Breast cancer [184]
miR-148b and miR-152 Down-expressed decrease targeting DNMT-1 mRNA Pancreatic cancer [185]
miR-140 Down-expressed Decrease directly targeting DNMT-1 Liver cancer [90]
miR-140-5p   Decrease DNA methylation of STAT1 and Tbx genes CpG island Autoimmune encephalomyelitis [186]
miR-212 Down-expressed
Increase MeCP2 protein level Gastric cancer [187]
miR-373 Down-expressed Increase MBD2 expression Hilar cholangiocarcinoma [188]
miR-638 Down-expressed Increase MeCP2 mRNA level Gastric cancer [189]
miR-221/222 Down-expressed Increase MBD2 expression Cervical cancer [190]
miR-19a/b Down-expressed Increase MeCP2 expression Gastric cancer [191]
miR-132 Over-expressed Decrease MeCP2 expression Chronic Cerebral Hypo perfusion [192]