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Fig. 1

From: DNA mismatch repair in the context of chromatin

Fig. 1

Chromatin remodeling in MMR. MMR proteins, especially MutSα, coordinate with chromatin remodelers and nucleosome assembly factors to ensure the repair of mismatches before they are packaged into nucleosomes. The current understanding of how chromatin remodeling functions in MMR is as follows: (1) at the replication fork, the disruption of nucleosomes allows MutSα to bind to DNA and search for replication-generated mismatches, and the MSH2 subunit of MutSα interacts with the chromatin remodeler Smarcad1 to exclude nucleosomes from the repair site; (2) ARID1A, a subunit of the chromatin remodeling complex SWI/SNF, interacts with MutSα through the MSH2 subunit; (3) MSH6 interacts directly with CAF-1 to inhibit CAF-1-mediated nucleosome assembly before mispaired nucleotides are corrected; (4) chromatin remodeling enzyme SWR-C-dependent H2A.Z deposition enhances mismatch repair through an unknown mechanism

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