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Table 1 Summary statistics of the 20 most differentially regulated genes between NPCs and MSCs

From: Significant transcriptomic changes are associated with differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells into neural progenitor-like cells in the presence of bFGF and EGF

Ensembl Gene type Genes symbol Log2 Foldchange Adjusted P-value
ENSRNOG00000021201 protein_coding Txnip 6.97 2.2E−54
ENSRNOG00000014333 protein_coding Vcam1 5.92 5.3E−41
ENSRNOG00000008245 protein_coding AABR07054614.1 5.48 5.3E−25
ENSRNOG00000052070 protein_coding Aldh1a3 5.04 1.2E−19
ENSRNOG00000007827 protein_coding Cox4i2 5.04 3.0E−45
ENSRNOG00000016456 protein_coding Il33 − 5.39 3.6E−200
ENSRNOG00000017976 protein_coding Slco2b1 11.02 3.1E−15
ENSRNOG00000015529 protein_coding Cdca3 − 6.05 4.1E−15
ENSRNOG00000010079 protein_coding Ca3 − 9.65 4.4E−11
ENSRNOG00000005906 protein_coding LOC103690020 9.24 3.2E−10
ENSRNOG00000021410 protein_coding Negr1 − 9.16 4.3E−10
ENSRNOG00000021260 protein_coding Prnd − 9.07 9.2E−10
ENSRNOG00000007865 protein_coding Ephb1 8.38 2.7E−08
ENSRNOG00000056151 protein_coding AABR07007642.1 8.31 3.5E−08
ENSRNOG00000011989 protein_coding Vat1l 6.67 4.9E−07
ENSRNOG00000033026 protein_coding Dclk3 5.80 5.2E−07
ENSRNOG00000014751 protein_coding Ret 5.68 2.5E−06
ENSRNOG00000029342 protein_coding Scn7a 5.68 6.2E−06
ENSRNOG00000036674 protein_coding Cd7 7.14 8.2E−06
ENSRNOG00000009629 protein_coding Car2 5.88 8.9E−06