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Table 4 Clinical trials conducted using adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of SCI

From: Treatment of spinal cord injury with mesenchymal stem cells

References Acute, subactute or chronic AIS grade Number of patients Sources of MSCs Route of administration Number of cells Frequency of injection Safety outcome Efficacy outcome
[64] Chronic A, B and D 14 AT Intrathecal 9 × 107 ADSCs 3 (monthly) No AE 10 patients have improved ASIA sensory score, 5 patients have improved ASIA motor score and 2 patients have improved voluntary anal contraction
[65] Chronic A 1 AT Intrathecal 1 × 108 ADSCs 1 No AE The patient showed improvement in ASIA motor and sensory score as well as better quality of life as indicated by the higher Global Health Score.
  1. MSCs Mesenchymal stem cells, AIS ASIA Impairment Scale, AT adipose tissue, ASIA American Spinal Injury Association, AE adverse event