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Table 3 microRNAs mediated MMPs in inflammatory diseases

From: Epigenetic regulation of matrix metalloproteinases in inflammatory diseases: a narrative review

MicroRNAs Target genes Inflammatory diseases References
miR-155 MMP-1 and MMP-3↓ Rheumatoid arthritis [68]
miR-203/miR-18a MMP-1↑ Rheumatoid arthritis [69, 71]
miR-19b MMP-3↓ Rheumatoid arthritis [70]
miR-146a/miR-320/miR-27/miR‐127‐5p/miR-22 MMP-13↓ Osteoarthritis [75,76,77,78,79]
miR-24 MMP-14↓ Atherosclerotic plaque [80]
miR-672/miR-143 MMP-12↓ Asthma [81]
  1. miR, microRNA; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase