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Table 3 The major roles of lncRNAs in neurodevelopmental disorders

From: The functions of long non-coding RNAs in neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation

LncRNA name Mechanism Biological function Disease References
TUNA Interact with RBPs Promote neural differentiation HD [71]
FMR4 Derived from FMR1 locus Promote hNPCs proliferation Fragile X syndrome [77]
RPS10P2-AS1 Interact with RPS10P2   ASD [78]
MSNP1AS Regulate chromatin organization and immune response related gene Inhibit neural differentiation ASD [72, 79]
C21orf121 miR-140-5p/BMP2 Promote neurogenesis ASD [80]
H19 p53/Notch1 pathway Block neurogenesis Ischemic stroke [74]
Meg3 Notch or Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, miR-128-3p/ATRA/cAMP/CREB axis Promote neurogenesis/neural differentiation Ischemia-reperfusion injury [75, 82]
NEAT1 Associated with Wnt signaling Promote oligodendrogenesis Schizophrenia [94]
HOTAIR miR-136-5p/AKT2-NF-κB   Demyelination [95]