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Table 2 The roles of lncRNAs on NSCs differentiation/neurogenesis and oligodendrogenesis

From: The functions of long non-coding RNAs in neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation

LncRNA name Mechanism Biological function References
Sox2ot Link with Sox2, interact with YY1 Prohibit NSCs proliferation and advance neuronal differentiation [54]
RMST Target Sox2 Promote neurogenesis [56]
Kdm2b Bind with hnRNPAB and activate Kdm2b gene expression Promote neurogenesis [57]
Paupar Bind with local genes-Pax6 and KAP1 Promote neurogenesis [58, 59]
Gm21284 Interact with miR-30e-3p, miR-431 and miR-147 Inhibit NSCs proliferation while promote NSCs differentiation [63]
1604 miR-200c/ZEB1/2 axis Promote neural differentiation [61]
Rik-201 Activated by C/EBPβ, miR-96/Sox6 Enhance neural differentiation [64]
Rik-203 miR-467a-3p/Sox6, miR-101-3a/GSK-3β Enhance neural differentiation [64, 65]
Malat1 Activate ERK/MAPK, inhibit PPAR/p53 Promote neural differentiation [67]
Pnky Interact with PTBP1 Inhibit neural differentiation and neurogenesis [3, 68]
lncR492 Interact with HuR and activate Wnt signalling Inhibit neural differentiation [69]
BDNF-AS Targeting TrkB signaling pathway Inhibit eNSCs-derived neurite outgrowth [70]
UCA1 miR-1/Hes1 Promote NSCs differentiation to astrocyte but neuron [48]
OPC Regulated by OLIG2 Promote oligodendrogenesis [87]
lncOL1 Form a complex with Suz12 Promote oligodendrogenesis [90]
lnc158 Promote NFIB expression Promote oligodendrogenesis [91]
Pcdh17it   Oligodendrogenesis marker [92]
OLMALIN/-AS   Regulate oligodendrocyte maturation [93]