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Table 1 The functional characterization of lncRNAs on neural related stem cells self-renewal

From: The functions of long non-coding RNAs in neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation

LncRNA name Mechanism Biological function References
Trincr1 Restrain FGF/ERK signalling Suppress NPCs self-renewal [28, 29]
LincRNA1230 Interact with Wdr5 Block ESCs transformation into NPCS [31]
Linc00115 Activated by TGF-β, miR-200 s/ZEB1, miR200s/ZNF596/EZH2/STAT3 Promote GSC self-renewal [33]
TUG1 Activated by Notch, sponging of miR-145 and recruiting polycomb via YY1 Promote GSC self-renewal [34]
Linc00152 miR-103a-3p/FEZF1 axis Promote GSC proliferation [35]
ZNF281 NF-κB1 pathway Inhibit GSC self-renewal [36]
TALNEC2 Regulated by E2F1, miR-21/miR-191 Promote GSC self-renewal [37]
Linc01198 Enhancing the NEDD4-1-dependent inhibition of PTEN Promote glioma proliferation [38]