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Table 1 Exosomal and autophagic proteins as potential biomarkers

From: Synergies in exosomes and autophagy pathways for cellular homeostasis and metastasis of tumor cells

Cancer typeExosomal proteins as biomarkerAutophagic proteins as biomarker
Bladderα6-integrin, Basigin, TACSTD2, Mucin4, EDIL-3, EPS8L2, MUC-1 [169]NR
BreastSurvivin, Survivin-2B, CEA, Tumor antigen15-3 [170]LC3β [171], LC3α [172], ULK-1 [173], Beclin-1 [174], FIP200 [175]
CervicalATF1, RAS [176]NR
ColorectalCEA [110]Beclin1, LC3β [174]
GastricNRULK1, Beclin 1, ATG3, ATG10 [161]
MelanomaCD63, Caveolin1, TYRP2, VLA-4, HSP70 [110]LC3β [178]
lungEpCAM, EGFR, CEA, LRG-1 [179]LC3β [180], Beclin-1 [174]
OvarianMAGE3/6, Claudin-4, L1CAM, TGFβ1, CD24, ADAM10, EMMPRIN [181]NR
PancreaticGPC1, MIF [182]NR
ProstateSurvivin, PTEN, Transmembranes, Protease, ITGB1, Serine2-ETS, β-catenin, PSA, PCA3, PSMA, ITGA3 [183]NR
  1. NR means not recorded