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Table 1 Summary of all Brca1 mutant alleles

From: BRCA1 and homologous recombination: implications from mouse embryonic development

MGI allele ID Allele symbol Synonyms Embryonic development phenotypes (homozygous) References
Mice with complete disruption of BRCA1
 MGI:1858108 Brca1 <tm1Mak>  Brca1Δ5-6 Die before E7.5 [35]
 MGI:2429692 Brca1 <tm2Mak>  Brca1flox5-6 Conditional, viable [38]
 MGI:3762184 Brca1 <tm1.1Brn>  Brca1Δ5-13 Embryonic lethal, embryonic development not analyzed [39]
 MGI:3696057 Brca1 <tm1Brn>  Brca1flox5-13 Conditional, viable [39]
Mice with Exon11 disruptions    
 MGI:1857931 Brca1 <tm1Bhk>  Brca1Δ223-763 Die between E8.5 to E13.5 [40]
 MGI:1930612 Brca1 <tm1Cxd>  Brca111− Die between E7.5 and E9.5 [42]
 MGI:1858107 Brca1 <tm1Whl>  Brca1Δ300-361 Die before E7.5 [43]
 MGI:2177209 Brca1 <tm2Arge>  Brca1tr Largely viable, viability depends on genetic background [44]
 MGI:2182470 Brca1 <tm2.1Cxd>  Brca1Δ11 Seldomly viable, most die between E12.5–18.5 [45]
 MGI:1931238 Brca1 <tm2Cxd>  Brca1flox11 Conditional, viable [45]
 MGI:3665173 Brca1 <tm4Cxd>  Brca1FL Viable [47]
Mice with RING domain disruptions   
 MGI:1930613 Brca1 <tm1Arge>  Brca1ex2 Die between E6.5 and E9.5 [48]
 MGI:3790741 Brca1 <tm1Thl>  Brca1flex2 Conditional, viable [49]
 MGI:5823771 Brca1 <tm2Jjon>  Brca1185stop Die between E9.5 to E13.5 [50]
 MGI:5307254 Brca1 <tm1.1Jjon>  Brca1C61G Die between E9.5 and E12.5 [51]
 MGI:5494435 Brca1 <tm3.1Thl>  Brca1I26A Viable [41]
Mice with BRCT domain disruptions   
 MGI:2178447 Brca1 <tm1Rfo>  Brca11700T Die between E9.5 and E10.5 [53]
 MGI:5823772 Brca1 <tm3Jjon>  Brca15382stop Die between E9.5 and E12.5 [50]
 MGI:3706167 Brca1 <tm1Aash>  Brca1F22-24 Conditional, viable [54]
 MGI:6281370 Brca1 <em1Njo>  Brca1ΔC Embryonic lethal, embryonic development not analyzed [56]
 MGI:5494434 Brca1 <tm2.1Thl>  Brca1S1598F Viable [41]
Mice with disrupted phosphorylation   
 MGI:3513253 Brca1 <tm3Cxd>  Brca1S971A Viable [61]
 MGI:4418211 Brca1 <tm5.1Cxd>  Brca1S1152A Viable [62]