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Fig. 7

From: SNHG6 modulates oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced endothelial cells injury through miR-135a-5p/ROCK in atherosclerosis

Fig. 7

SNHG6 positively modulates ROCK1 and ROCK2 expression via interacting with miR-135a-5p. a ox-LDL-induced HUVECs were transfected with si-NC, si-SNHG6#1, si-SNHG6#1 + miR-NC inhibitors, si-SNHG6#1 + miR-135a-5p inhibitors, followed by the detection of ROCK1 and ROCK2 protein levels. b, c The positive relationship between SNHG6 and ROCK1 or ROCK2 expression in atherosclerosis samples. **P < 0.01; ##P < 0.01

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