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Table 4 Hairpin precursor and mature miRNA number in different virus family

From: Small RNAs in eucaryotes: new clues for amplifying microRNA benefits

IDGroupFamilyNameHairpin precursorMature miRNA
bfvGroup VI (ssRNA)RetroviridaeBovine foamy virus24
blvGroup VI (ssRNA)RetroviridaeBovine leukemia virus510
ebvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeEpstein barr virus2544
hcmvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeHuman cytomegalovirus1526
hivGroup VI (ssRNA)RetroviridaeHuman immunodeficiency virus 134
hsvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeHerpes simplex virus3751
kshvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeKaposi sarcoma associated herpesvirus1325
mcmvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeMouse cytomegalovirus1829
mdvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeMareks disease virus type 13262
mghvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaeMouse gammaherpes virus1528
prvGroup I (dsDNA)HerpesviridaePseudorabies virus1418