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Table 3 Experimental studies that investigated the role of piRNAs in lung cancer

From: Epigenetic roles of PIWI proteins and piRNAs in lung cancer

PiRNAs/PiR-LsUp/DownRelated pathwayTissue/cell lineFinal resultRef
PiR-651UpCyclin D1 and CDK4 pathwayHepG2/HeLa/Bcap-37/MSTO- 211H/NCI-H446/MGC-803/SGC-7901/95-D/NSCLC A549/HCC827/A549 cellsIncrease in cancer progression and cell viability/promoting metastasis, invasion and migration/apoptosis reduction[24, 26, 48, 49]
PiR-55490DownAkt/mTOR pathwayA549/H460/H1299/MRC-5Increase in cell proliferation and tumor progression[51]
PiR-34871 and piR-52200UpAMPK pathwayA549/H1299Cell proliferation enhancing[53]
PiR-46545 and piR-35127DownAMPK pathwayA549/H1299Cell proliferation enhancing[53]
PiR-L-163DownNo investigatedH157/H226/H596, SK-MES-1/H522/H1437/H1792/H1944/HBE2/HBE3/HBE4Increasing of cell growth, invasion, and migration[55]
PiR-L-138UppiR-L-138/p60-MDM2 phosphorylationCDDP-based chemotherapy treated LSCC cell lines/PDX LSCC models with a CDDP based regimenApoptosis inhibition[56]