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Table 1 Drosophila melanogaster, murine and human PIWI genes

From: Epigenetic roles of PIWI proteins and piRNAs in lung cancer

GeneOrganismLocationNuclear or cytoplasmic location (reference)
Aubergine (aub)Drosophila melanogasterChr2LCytoplasmic [59]
Argonaute3 (ago3)Drosophila melanogasterChr3LCytoplasmic [59, 60]
PiwiDrosophila melanogasterChr2LNuclear [61, 62]
Piwil1 (Miwi)Mus musculusChr5 (5 G1.3)Cytoplasmic [30, 63]
Piwil2 (Mili)Mus musculusChr14 (14 D2)Cytoplasmic [63]
Piwil4 (Miwi2)Mus musculusChr9 (9 A2)Nuclear [63]
Piwil1 (hiwi)Homo sapiensChr12 (q24.33)Nuclear/cytoplasmic [32, 64]
Piwil2 (hili)Homo sapiensChr8 (p21.3)Nuclear/cytoplasmic [65]
Piwil3 (hiwi3)Homo sapiensChr22 (q11.23)Nuclear/cytoplasmic [64]
Piwil4 (hiwi2)Homo sapiensChr11 (q21)Nuclear/cytoplasmic [64]