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Fig. 5

From: Immunosuppressive effects of a novel potassium channel toxin Ktx-Sp2 from Scorpiops Pocoki

Fig. 5

Inhibition of Ca2+ influx by Ktx-Sp2 in Jurkat T cells. a Representative traces show the effect of Ktx-Sp2 on store depletion-induced Ca2+ influx. Each trace represents averaged F340/F380 ratio from about 300 Jurkat T cells. The ratio traces in the presence of 0 and 10 μM Ktx-Sp2 are color-coded with black and red respectively. The first [Ca2+]i peak presents a rapid Ca2+ rise evoked by 10 μM CPA in 0 Ca2+ in extracellular solution, and the second [Ca2+]i peak illustrates the sustained store depletion-induced Ca2+ influx with an addition of 2 mM Ca2+ in the absence and presence of Ktx-Sp2. b Statistical data summarizes the net changes in F340/F380 ratios induced by 2 mM extracellular Ca2+, ****P ≤ 0.0001

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