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Fig. 5

From: Signaling pathways involved in colorectal cancer progression

Fig. 5

The Notch, PI3K, TGF-β, Wnt/B-catenin, and EGFR/Ras signaling pathways are interacting with each other. Notch signaling regulates Wnt pathway through disheveled and Wnt signaling actives Jagged-1 [56]. Also Notch stimulates EGFR and suppresses the activity of TGF-β pathway [20, 57]. HES1 inhibits PTEN thus activates PI3/AKT pathway in CRC [20]. PI3K can inactivates GSK3β as their downstream target and KRAS can actives PI3K [58]. TGF-β superfamily signaling can activates oncogenic pathways (PI3K/AKT, MAPK/ERK, WNT, and Notch) in CRC [31]

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