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Fig. 3

From: Circ_0001667 promotes breast cancer cell proliferation and survival via Hippo signal pathway by regulating TAZ

Fig. 3

Prediction for circ_0001667/miRNA interactions and miRNA-mediated signaling pathways. a The interaction of circ_0001667-miR-125a-5p was predicted based on TargetScan and miRanda. b MiRNA expression in MDA-MB-468 cells. The miRNAs including miR-200c-3p, miR-203a-3p, miR-429, miR-5010-3p, miR-183-5p, miR-539-5p, miR-591, miR-125a-5p and miR-2113 were tested in MDA-MB-468 cells with circ_0001667 up-regulation by transfection. c Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analysis of the target genes corresponding to circ_0001667. d Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway analysis of the target genes showing the upregulated circ_0001667-related pathways. **p < 0.01

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