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Table 1 MiRNAs and their downregulated mRNA targets in UPS

From: Potential microRNA-related targets in clearance pathways of amyloid-β: novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease

miR-199a-5pUbiquitin-conjugating (E2) enzymesUBE2G1[45]
miR-101 UBE2N[46]
miR-182, miR-145, miR-19a/bUbiquitin E3 ligasesCUL5[47,48,49]
miR-195 CBX4[50]
miR-221 HECTD2[51]
miR-153 HECTD3[52]
miR-542-5p HUWE1[53]
miR-106b, miR-411 ITCH[54, 55]
miR-93 NEDD4L[56]
miR-137 PIAS2[57]
miR-199a-5p, miR-301a-3p, miR-9718, miR-21, miR-18a PIAS3[58,59,60,61,62]
miR-194 RBX1[63]
miR-503, miR-542-5p, miR-497, miR-15b SMURF1[64,65,66,67]
miR-486, miR-424, miR-322, miR-503, miR-15a/b, miR-16, miR-128 SMURF2[68,69,70,71]
miR-542-3p UBE3C[72]
miR-584-5p, miR-21 WWP1[73, 74]
miR-214 RNF8[75]
miR-19b MYLIP[76]
miR-214 RFWD2[77]
miR-31Deubiquitinating enzymesBAP1[78]
miR-17 USP2[79]
miR-148a USP4[80]
miR-205 USP7[81]
miR-135b USP13[82]
miR-320a USP14[83]
miR-34b USP22[84]
miR-200c USP25[85]
miR-363-3p USP28[86]
miR-204-5p USP47[87]
miR-25 Ataxin-3[88]
miR-125b-5p A20[89]
miR-24 CSN5[90]