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Table 1 Correlation between CASC2 expression and clinical features of ESCC patients

From: Long noncoding RNA CASC2 suppresses esophageal squamous cell carcinoma progression by increasing SOCS1 expression

CharacteristicsCASC2 expressionp value
Age (years)  0.337
 ≤ 602824 
 > 601115 
Gender  0.651
Smoking status  0.482
Tumor Size  0.651
 ≤ 3 cm1820 
 > 3 cm2119 
Tumor location  0.821
 Middle + lower2019 
TNM stage  0.003
 I + II922 
 III + IV3017 
Lymph node metastasis  0.013
Differentiation  0.022
 Moderate and high2717 
  1. The median of CASC2 expression in ESCC tissues was used as cutoff. Pearson x2 test