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Fig. 3

From: Customized one-step preparation of sgRNA transcription templates via overlapping PCR Using short primers and its application in vitro and in vivo gene editing

Fig. 3

a The electropherogram of DNA fragment amplified by the four overlapped primers. M represents 50 bp DNA marker. NC represents the negative control. (1) the tracr-R primer; (2) the two primers : tracr-R and AF3; (3) the three primers: tracr-R, AF3 and AF2; (4, 5, 6) the templates of EGFR, pu57-1 and pu57-2 amplified by four primers respectively. bd represent the sequencing results of the transcription template of EGFR-Exon19, pu57-1, pu57-2 respectively. The underlined part represents the designed sequence of sgRNA

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