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Fig. 1

From: SMYD2 promotes cervical cancer growth by stimulating cell proliferation

Fig. 1

Bioinformatic analysis of SMYD2 in cases from TCGA. a The expression of SMYD2 between cancer (n = 306) and normal (n = 13) cases, cancer cases were filled in red, normal cases were in blue: SMYD2 expression was significantly increased in pancreatic tumor tissue compared with normal pancreatic tissue (P < 0.05). *P < 0.05. b The overall survival and disease free survival rate of 306 TCGA cases with clear clinical information. High and low groups were divided by median and filled in red and blue, respectively. Comparing with the lower expression cases, patients with higher level of SMYD2 shared a significantly worse overall survival (P = 0.00045 < 0.05)

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