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Table 1 A comparison of protocols proposed to produce naive hESC

From: The metabolic network model of primed/naive human embryonic stem cells underlines the importance of oxidation-reduction potential and tryptophan metabolism in primed pluripotency

Protocol Year Origin Growth factors Inhibitors Transgene expression
Hanna 2010 Primed hESC TGF\(\beta\) - LIF, BMP4 MEKi, GSKi, JNKi, P38i, PKCi, ROCKi OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, KLF2
Gafni 2013 Primed hESC bFGF, TGF\(\beta\), LIF MEKi, GSKi, FGFi, JAKi, ALKi, ROCKi
Ware 2014 Primed hESC bFGF MEKi, GSKi
Theunissen 2014 ICM Activin, LIF MEKi, GSKi, ROCKi, BRAFi, SRCi KLF2, NANOG
Takashima 2014 Primed hESC bFGF, LIF MEKi, GSKi, PKCi
Valamehr 2014 Fibroblast (iPSC) bFGF MEKi, GSKi, ROCKi, ALKi OCT4, SOX2
Duggal 2015 Primed hESC bFGF, LIF MEKi, GSKi, ROCKi
Guo 2016 ICM bFGF, LIF MEKi, GSKi, ROCKi, PKCi