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Fig. 2

From: The effect of the chemical chaperone 4-phenylbutyrate on secretion and activity of the p.Q160R missense variant of coagulation factor FVII

Fig. 2

Activity measurements on the rFVII-160R variant. FXa generation activity (Relative Fluorescence Units, Rfu/seconds) in FVII deficient plasma supplemented with conditioned medium. a Dotted line, untreated, FVII:Ag 44.5 ng/ml; continuous line, 4-PBA treated, FVII:Ag 50 ng/ml). b Medium of the recombinant variant as in A, with inhibition of TFPI by a specific aptamer. c FVII deficient plasma supplemented with diluted rFVIIwt medium (FVII:Ag 10 ng/ml; FVII:Ag 5 ng/ml) or with conditioned medium from cells expressing the vector without FVII cDNA. The FXaG shown are representative of 3 independent experiments; all curves have been produced in duplicates, and are reported in three aligned panels for the sake of clarity

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