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Fig. 1

From: Colon cancer cells secrete exosomes to promote self-proliferation by shortening mitosis duration and activation of STAT3 in a hypoxic environment

Fig. 1

The secretion of CDEs is increased when colon cancer cells were exposed to a hypoxia environment. a Exo-normoxic and Exo-hypoxic were analyzed by electron microscopy and representative photomicrographs are shown (arrow points to exosomes, magnification, ×200,000, scale bar, 50 nm. The quantification of CDEs number in the picture on the right (n = 4). b Exo-normoxic and Exo-hypoxic collected through precipitation method were lysed and protein expressions of CD81, CD63, Calnexin, and α-tubulin were analyzed by Western blotting after equal amount of protein loading. c The number of exosomes released from SW480 and HCT116 cell line in normoxia and hypoxia respectively. d Immunofluorescence imaging analysis PKH67-labeled exosomes (Exo-hypoxic and Exo-normoxic) derived from the CRC cells were taken up by their own tumor cells (*P < 0.05; **P < 0.01)

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