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Fig. 4

From: PKM2, function and expression and regulation

Fig. 4

The Splicing of PMK2. The genes encoding pyruvate kinase can be divided into two types: PKLR and PKM. PKLR binds to the coding gene through a tissue-specific promoter, encoding two subtypes of PKL and PKR (green for PKR and yellow for PKL). PKM encodes PKM1 and PKM2 subtypes by alternative splicing of mutually exclusive exon 9 and 10, and a high expression level of PTB, hnRNP 1 & hnRNP A1/A2 are required for during the cleavage process of exon 9 of PKM2, while the cleavage process of exon 10 of PKM1 is not required. Transcription factor SRSF3 also plays an important role in the conversion of PKM2 and PKM1. Each pyruvate kinase subtype has a different tissue expression pattern

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