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Fig. 7

From: Cytological and proteomic analyses of floral buds reveal an altered atlas of meiosis in autopolyploid Brassica rapa

Fig. 7

Early meiotic events with three meiosis-related EDPs in autopolyploid. Meiosis is preceded by DNA replication. Meiotic chromosomes start to condense and search for homologue during leptotene. Chromosome synapsis as synaptonemal complex (SC) during pachytene. The SC forms between pairs of homologous chromosomes (red box) in diploids. Crossovers are formed when SC disassemble at diplotene. Bivalents are visualized at diakinesis when chromosomes recondense. But SC can form between more than two homologues (red box) because of three down-regulated proteins, result in univalent and multivalent in autotetraploids

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