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Fig. 7

From: Label-free quantitative proteomics identifies transforming growth factor β1 (TGF-β1) as an inhibitor of adipogenic transformation in OP9-DL1 cells and primary thymic stromal cells

Fig. 7

Schematic diagram of the mechanisms by which TGF-β1 attenuates rosiglitazone-induced adipogenic differentiation in OP9-DL1 cells. TGF-β1 increases the recruitment of Smad2/3 and HDAC1 and reduces the level of H3K14ac at the promoter region of the PPARγ gene, thereby transcriptionally down-regulates PPARγ in OP-DL1 cells. TGF-β1 down-regulates Axin2 expression to induce nuclear translocation of β-catenin in OP9-DL1 cells

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