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Fig. 3

From: The Cdc42 effectors Gic1 and Gic2 regulate polarized post-Golgi secretion

Fig. 3

The gic1∆ gic2∆ double mutant has a synthetic growth defect with the sec3∆N mutant. The gic1∆ gic2∆ double mutants were transformed with a SEC3 balancer (CEN, URA), SEC3 was deleted from the genome, and then the sec3∆N mutant was transformed into gic1∆gic2∆sec3∆ SEC3 cells. The transformants were streaked onto 5-FOA plates to select for the loss of the wild type SEC3 balancer. The resulting strains were streaked out onto YPD plates with sec3∆N and gic1∆gic2∆ and incubated for 3 days to test the synthetic effect. Two independent clones (“clone 1” and “clone 2”) were tested. The sec3∆N gic1∆ gic2∆ strains show severe growth defect at 25 °C, and a loss of viability at elevated temperatures. As controls, sec3∆N is normal in growth at all the temperatures tested; the gic1∆gic2∆ mutant has normal growth at 25 °C, has slower growth at higher temperatures, and cannot survive at 37 °C. The representative results from three independent experiments are shown

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