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Table 2 The function of related molecules of mitochondria and peroxisomes

From: Communication between mitochondria and other organelles: a brand-new perspective on mitochondria in cancer

Molecules Function References
PPARs Regulate the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, cell differentiation, tumorigenesis, the proliferation of mitochondria and peroxisomes and the expression of lipid β-oxidation related genes [92, 94]
PGC-1α The generation of peroxisomes, expression of mitochondrial biosynthetic factors, oxidative phosphorylation subunits, antioxidant enzymes and unregulated in tumor cells in majority situation [95,96,97, 114,115,116]
FIS1, MFF, GDAP1 and DNM1L Fission and generation of peroxisomes and mitochondria [87, 98, 99]