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Table 1 MAMs proteins involved in tumorigenesis and tumor progression

From: Communication between mitochondria and other organelles: a brand-new perspective on mitochondria in cancer

Protein Gene expression in cancer MAM interactors Functions at MAM Chemotherapeutic agents that act through mechanisms related to the MAMs References
AKT Pancreas (A, D), breast (M), prostate (A) IP3R, PTEN, PML Inhibition of calcium release from the ER; antiapoptotic functions MK-2206 [22, 25, 39,40,41]
BCL-XL Uterus (A, M), breast (A), prostate (A), colon (A), nervous system (D, M) BCL-2, IP3R Induction of calcium leakage from ER; antiapoptotic functions ABT-737 [30, 42,43,44,45]
BCL-2 B cell (M), central nervous system (A, M), pancreas (D), breast (A) BCL-XL, IP3R Induction of calcium leakage from ER; antiapoptotic functions ABT-737 [31, 43,44,45,46]
MFN-2 Pancreas (A, D), esophagus (M, A, D), prostate (M, A, D) PERK, MFN-1 Facilitates calcium cross-talk between the ER and mitochondria;Interacts with PERK and regulates PERK-mediated UPR   [47,48,49]
PML Almost all AKT, IP3R, PP2A Regulates apoptosis in the ER by modulating calcium release, negative regulator of Akt Arsenic trioxide [24, 27, 50]
PP2A Prostate (A), central nervous system (M), pancreas (A, D) AKT, PML Regulates calcium transients in cardiomyocytes SMAPs [51,52,53]
PTEN Uterus (M), prostate (M, D), head (M, D), stomach (M), breast (A, M), pancreas (M) AKT, IP3R, PP2A Negative regulator of Akt, regulation of calcium release via IP3R3; proapoptotic functions LY-2779964 [54,55,56]
TP53 Almost all SERCA Interacts with the C-terminal portion of the SERCA pump, increasing ER Ca2+ loading Adriamycin [57,58,59]
PERK Breast (A)   Involved in folded protein response during ER stress; physically increases contacts between mitochondria and ER GSK2656157/GSK2606414 [60,61,62]
  1. A Amplification, M mutation, D deletion