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Table 1 Relationship between PCs, antibodies and intestinal diseases

From: Function and dysfunction of plasma cells in intestine

IBD Change in IBD patients References
B cells, IgA+ and IgG+ PCs Increased in lesions of IBD patients MacDermott et al. [164]
Brandtzaeg et al. [165]; Conlon and Bird [172]
Mucosal IgG4, serum IgG4 levels serum IgG4/IgG ratios Increased in IBD patients Wang et al. [166]
Wang et al. [167]
Intestinal food allergies Intestinal mucosa status References
Decreased sIgA Hypersensitivity Telemo et al. [178]
Lilja et al. [177]
Thang et al. [179]
Increased IgE Hypersensitivity Galli et al. [180]
Burton et al. [181]
Intestinal tumors Impact on tumors References
Infiltration of B cells in intestine Progression Berntsson et al. [182]
Lack of IgA in intestine Decreased tumor-specific cytotoxicity Le Gouvello et al. [194]
Tosolini et al. [195]