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Table 4 Gene expression in skin next to the wound after radiation and radiation combined injury [78 ]

From: Radiation: a poly-traumatic hit leading to multi-organ injury

  1. Radiation combined injury induces greater levels of gene expression than radiation alone in mouse skin. B6D2F1/J female mice received 9.75 Gy 60Co γ-radiation followed immediately by 15% total body surface skin-wound trauma. Skin samples were collected various times after sham-treatment (Sham), wounding (W), radiation-injury (RI), and radiation combined injury (CI). Each group had 6 mice. Gene arrays were used to quantitate gene expression
  2. Cdh6 Cadherin 6, Itga7 intergrin alpha-7, Mmp matrix metallopeptidase, Timp metalloproteinase inhibitor, TLR toll-like receptor, Myd88: myeloid differentiation primary response 88