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Fig. 6

From: MFAP5 promotes basal-like breast cancer progression by activating the EMT program

Fig. 6

MFAP5 regulated the activation of TGF-β and Notch pathways in BT20 cells. BT20-LV-vehicle and BT20-LV-MFAP5 cells were treated with SB431542 or ly-411575 as indicated for 24 h and then collected to detect the protein level of p-Smad2/Smad3 by western blot and the mRNA levels of Hes1 and Hes5 by RT-PCR. a, b Compared with LV-vehicle group, overexpression of MFAP5 significantly improved the overexpression of p-Smad2/Smad3 and the mRNA levels of Hes1, Hes5 which were strikingly attenuated by SB431542 and ly-411575. **P < 0.01 vs LV-vehicle control; ##P < 0.01 vs LV-MFAP5 control

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