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Fig. 5

From: MFAP5 promotes basal-like breast cancer progression by activating the EMT program

Fig. 5

GO/KEGG pathway enrichment analysis of differentially expressed genes between BT20-LV-vehicle and BT20-LV-MFAP5 cells using RNA-sequencing. a M (log ratio) and A (mean average) scales indicated the mRNA differentially expressed (red spots) in BT20-LV-vehicle and BT20-LV-MFAP5 cells. b The mRNA differentially expressed volcano plots in BT20-LV-vehicle and BT20-LV-MFAP5 cells. c Heatmap of differential expression levels of mRNA (log2RPKM) in these two cells. d Differentially expressed genes enriched and identified by GO analysis in these two cells. e Differentially expressed mRNA in 19 pathways including TGF-β and Notch pathway were figured out by KEGG analysis

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