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Fig. 5

From: Comparison of osteogenic differentiation capacity in mesenchymal stem cells derived from human amniotic membrane (AM), umbilical cord (UC), chorionic membrane (CM), and decidua (DC)

Fig. 5

Fibronectin and laminin induced cell morphology changes and promoted osteogenic differentiation in AM-MSCs, UC-MSCs, CM-MSCs, and DC-MSCs. Morphologic analyses of the PD-MSCs have been cultured in tissue culture plastic, fibronectin or laminin with α-MEM. Alizarin red staining for analysis of the amount of calcium deposition in AM-MSCs, UC-MSCs, CM-MSCs, and DC-MSCs after 21 days of osteogenic differentiation on tissue culture plastic, fibronectin, or laminin. (Alizarin red staining pictures, Scale bar = 500 μm, magnification = ×40) (Morphology pictures, Scale bar = 200 μm, magnification = ×250)

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