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Fig. 4

From: Myopia disease mouse models: a missense point mutation (S673G) and a protein-truncating mutation of the Zfp644 mimic human disease phenotype

Fig. 4

Function and morphology of retina remain unchanged in transgenic animals. ac Histological examination of retina, was done on 5 weeks old and 16 weeks old animals and compared between WT and transgenic animals. Representative image of eye sections of 5 weeks old animals are presented (ac); scale bar, 100 µm. Zoom in on retina; scale bar, 100 µm (a’–c’); Positions of zooming are denoted with black square (d). Function of retina was examined by ERG measurement in 21 weeks old animals and shows no difference between WT and transgenic animals. Example responses to single white flash (3.0 cd s/m2) are shown, arrows denote the time of stimulation. Scale bar 50 ms and 200 µV

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