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Fig. 2

From: Myopia disease mouse models: a missense point mutation (S673G) and a protein-truncating mutation of the Zfp644 mimic human disease phenotype

Fig. 2

Generation of Zfp644 mutant mice. a Schematic representation of murine Zfp644 gene with depiction of the targeted DNA sequence. Position of critical AGT nucleotides (red) in the exon 3 of murine Zfp644. TALEN binding sites are marked with blue underline, position of primers for PCR screening (For, Rev) are denoted. b Sequence of Zfp644Δ8 with highlighted deletion of 8 nucleotides (black underline) and a STOP codon (red letters) is shown. c In every examined tissue of Zfp644Δ8animals no detectable protein expression of Zfp644 can be found, while the samples of Zfp644S673G and control animals show protein expression in every examined tissue. Black arrow indicates correct size of Zfp644 protein (145 kDa). Expression of GAPDH protein was used as a reference protein. d Both mutations were confirmed by sequencing in both G1; and cDNA of adult mice eyes, brain and lungs of transgenic and control animals

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