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Fig. 4

From: Transmembrane protein 108 involves in adult neurogenesis in the hippocampal dentate gyrus

Fig. 4

Tmem108 affected Wnt/β-Catenin signaling pathway. a Expression profiling of Wnt signaling pathway by qPCR. Wnt signaling pathway was disturbed in hippocampus of Tmem108 mutant mice; Gapdh mRNA expression was used as an internal control, mRNA expression relative to Gapdh in wild type was defined as one (wild type mice, n = 5, Tmem108 −/− mice, n = 4, #p > 0.05, *p < 0.05). b In HEK293 cell culture, Tmem108 increased free β-Catenin level in Dual luciferase assay. Relative TOP-Flash Firefly Luciferase (TFL1)/Renilla Luciferase (RL1) = Raw TFL1/Raw RL1; Relative FOP-Flash Firefly Luciferase (FFL2)/Renilla Luciferase (RL2) = Raw FFL2/Raw RL2; and final relative Firefly Luciferase (FL)/Renilla Luciferase (RL) = (Raw TFL1/Raw RL1)/(Raw FFL2/Raw RL2). Fold changes of FL/RL at p3×Flag-cmv-24-treated condition is normalized as 1, and fold changes of FL/RL at pFlag-cmv1-Wnt3a-treated or pFlag-cmv1-Tmem108-treated condition is normalized to FL/RL at p3×Flag-cmv-24-treated condition

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