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Fig. 8

From: XPD suppresses cell proliferation and migration via miR-29a-3p-Mdm2/PDGF-B axis in HCC

Fig. 8

Functional test of XPD and miR-29a-3p in vivo and statistical results. SMMC7721 cells transfected with lentiviral vector (LV) of XPD overexpression, miR-29a-3p antagomiR, XPD overexpression + miR-29a-3p antagomiR or vehicle were injected subcutaneously into nude mice. a Tumor volume of nude mice from day 7 to day 34. b Tumor weight in each group. (*P < 0.05, vs. vehicle; #P < 0.05, vs. miR-29a-3p antagomiR, n = 8)

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