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Fig. 1

From: Cell type-specific function of TRAF2 and TRAF3 in regulating type I IFN induction

Fig. 1

Survival of Traf3 conditional KO mice following VSV infection. a Age-matched (6–8 weeks old) WT and Traf3MKO mice were infected i.v. with VSV (1 × 107 PFU per mouse). Data are presented as 8 animals/group. b Traf3DC-KO and WT littermate control mice were infected i.v. with VSV (2 × 107 PFU per mouse). Survival was recorded and presented as 8 mice per group. c Immunoblot analysis of the indicated proteins in the extracts of splenocytes or LN cells derived from Tamoxifen-treated WT and TRAF3IKO mice. d WT and TRAF3IKO mice (n = 15) were infected with VSV (2 × 107 PFU per mouse) via tail vein. Data representative of two independent experiments, and statistical significance was determined by log-rank and Gehan-Wilcoxon tests. p < 0.05 indicates significantly different

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