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Fig. 6

From: EF-hand domain containing 2 (Efhc2) is crucial for distal segmentation of pronephros in zebrafish

Fig. 6

Effect of RA synthesis blocker citral on pronephros segmentation in efhc2-knocked-down embryos. a Wild-type embryos or efhc2-Mo morphants were treated with citral (2.5 × 10−5 M). Morphological defects caused by citral treatment in wild-type and efhc2 morphants. efhc2-Mo morphants treated with citral show expansion of expression domain of DE marker slc12a1 and slight reduction of DL and CS markers slc12a3 and stc1 as compared with wild-type embryos treated with citral. b Summary of the effects of citral on WT and efhc2-Mo morphants at 48 hpf

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