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Fig. 2

From: EF-hand domain containing 2 (Efhc2) is crucial for distal segmentation of pronephros in zebrafish

Fig. 2

Effect of Efhc2 knock-down on pronephros development and function. a Schematic representation of the binding of the splice-blocking efhc2 morpholino (efhc2-MO) targeting exon-3 and the forward and reverse primers used in RT-PCR to verify its effect. RT-PCR on RNA extracted from 24 hpf uninjected embryos or embryos injected with efhc2-MM control showed a 651 bp product as expected. The embryos injected with efhc2-MO showed a 311 bp fragment confirming the blocking of normal splicing of efhc2 by this morpholino. b efhc2-Mo morphants showed morpholino dose-dependent developmental defects as compared with wild-type and mismatch controls. Arrow indicates mild pericardial oedema and arrowhead indicates hydrocephalus. c Fluorescent 40 kDa dextran was injected into cardinal vain of control and efhc2-Mo morphants at 48 hpf. Accumulation of dextran in yolk and oedema shows defects in pronephros function in efhc2-Mo morphants at 72 and 96 hpf

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