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Table 1 Composition of WMO-II solution

From: A novel organ preservation solution with efficient clearance of red blood cells improves kidney transplantation in a canine model

Chamber Component Concentration (mmol/L) Volume (mL)
A Potassium citrate 23.4–28.6 500
Sodiumdi hydrogen phosphate 3.6–4.4
Disodium hydrogen phosphate 22.5–27.5
Magnesium sulfate 4.5–5.5
Potassium chloride 1.8–2.2
Mannitol 143–158
Adenosine 4.5–5.5
Acetyl cysteine 4.3–5.8
Sodium hydroxide 4.3–5.8
Water for injection  
B Dextran 40 500
Water for injection