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Fig. 2

From: INAVA promotes aggressiveness of papillary thyroid cancer by upregulating MMP9 expression

Fig. 2

Overexpression of INAVA promotes cell invasion, migration and metastasis. a Overexpression of INAVA in PTC cell lines (TPC1 and K1) was assessed by WB. α-Tubulin was used as a loading control. b Representative images (left) and quantification (right) of transwell migration assays in TPC1, TPC1-INAVA, K1, and K1-INAVA cells. c Representative images (upper) and quantification (lower) of Transwell invasion assays in indicated cells. d Scratch wound healing assays were performed in TPC1-Vector, TPC1-INAVA, K1-Vector, and K1-INAVA cells (left). Quantification analyses for the wound healing assays were shown (right). e Representative bioluminescence images in mice with tail vein injection of the K1-Vector and K1-INAVA cells (left). Representative histopathology of lung metastasis developed in the indicated animals stained with HE (right). For bd, data are quantified as mean ± SD of 3 independent experiments in the bar graphs. *P < 0.05

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